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Re: [nafex] request advice for yellow blueberries

I tried the vinegar solution, and tried baking soda, but I was too cheap
to pour out enough pure vinegar to try that.  You're right, I probably
should ask for my money back, but I doubt I'll get around to it.


Kieran or Donna wrote:
> >From "Ginda Fisher" <ginda@concentric.net>
> >
> > I thought the problem might be pH, and I bought a pH meter.  It read
> > 7.0.  I tried it in various other parts of the garden, and it said 7.0.
> > I put it in a glass of water with quite a bit of vinegar and it still
> > said 7.0
> I bought one of those pH meters too, and went through exactly the same
> experience you did.  Mine did not react to different soils or baking soda or
> mild vinegar solution,but the needle suddenly jumped when I stuck it in pure
> vinegar.  I guess they are cheap enough that few people demand their money
> back, but if all their customers are equally disappointed, maybe we SHOULD.
> Donna
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