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[nafex] Chip budding with dormant wood

Hi All:

In an earlier post, Gordon Noff suggested using dormant wood chip
budding for difficult to graft species.  I tried it this year on
mulberries.  I have used whip-and-tongue grafting on them before, but
the only successes were on potted rootstock that I callused in the
basement.  I think mulberries are difficult to graft because the latex
(in the bark) tends to smear and seal the cambium contact, the wood is
fairly brittle, the stems have a large pith and they require fairly high
temps to callus.

I chip budded 15 stems to Illinois Everbearing Mulberry.  So far I have
14 takes.  (Sheepish expression) the one that did not make it died as a
result of overzealous pruning to get more light to another bud on the
same tree.  Oooops!

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