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Re: [nafex] Chip budding with dormant wood

Chip Budding/Shield budding etc
    I would like any and all advice re these forms of grafting as it pertains
to apples also. I'll be doing some in several months at the end of the summer
(at least that's when I read it should be done) and any coaching I can get will
be appreciated. Thanks
SE Pa, zone 6

jhecksel@voyager.net wrote:

> Hi All:
> In an earlier post, Gordon Noff suggested using dormant wood chip
> budding for difficult to graft species.  I tried it this year on
> mulberries.  I have used whip-and-tongue grafting on them before, but
> the only successes were on potted rootstock that I callused in the
> basement.  I think mulberries are difficult to graft because the latex
> (in the bark) tends to smear and seal the cambium contact, the wood is
> fairly brittle, the stems have a large pith and they require fairly high
> temps to callus.
> I chip budded 15 stems to Illinois Everbearing Mulberry.  So far I have
> 14 takes.  (Sheepish expression) the one that did not make it died as a
> result of overzealous pruning to get more light to another bud on the
> same tree.  Oooops!
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