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Re: [nafex] Help in Sprouting Sweet Cherry Pits

Ten ways to scarify cherry pits:

  1- line your walkway with them.
  2- put 50 at a time in a rock tumbler for 5 hours.
  3- put 100 at a time in a blender with water.
  4- fill 8 to a shot shell and set a trash can under the target.
  5- feed to the chickens and recover later.
  6- put them all in the clothes dryer overnight on no heat setting.
  7- let your teenager spin out his tires on them.
  8- rent a landscape roller and run over them in the garage.
  9- use them for aquarium gravel and don't clean your tank for a month.
10- borrow some of Doreen's squirrels and put them to work.

Have a nice weekend.............Vic

Nikolai wrote:

> I'm getting 20 lbs of sweet cherry pits from a processor in Ontario in a few
> weeks.  These seeds are removed mechanically by a mechanical "pitter", and
> not brined or treated in any way, so they should be good.  I'll be planting
> these pits like corn at very, very close spacing, say 100 or more seeds to a
> square foot, ie about one inch apart.
> My objective is to get a sweet cherry seedling that survives zone 3 and
> produces.  I assume at best one in four pits will sprout, and of those,
> perhaps one in a thousand of the sprouted plants will survive above the snow
> in a zone 3 winter.  I hope to get a very small number of hardy trees down
> the line, and just maybe, a sweet cherry of reasonable quality that is hardy
> in zone 3.
> My question to NAFEXERs is about the successful sprouting of sweet cherry
> pits, which I understand can be very difficult at times.  Any methods that
> have worked well?  Most methods seem to revolve around cracking the pit and
> planting in the fall.  However, cracking thousands of pits with a pair of
> pliars doesn't appeal much to me...Does anyone have a method that works well
> for getting sweet cherry pits to sprout in reasonable numbers?
> Bernie Nikolai
> Edmonton, Alberta
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