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RE: [nafex] Help in Sprouting Sweet Cherry Pits

Title: RE: [nafex] Help in Sprouting Sweet Cherry Pits

There are several ways to scarify seeds; pre-soaking, acid, or even abrasion.  I remember doing a class experiment with black locust seeds, and either by scratching the surface with sandpaper, or a nail file produced sufficient results.  You may want to try and experiment yourself to see which best works on cherry pits. 

Brian Raby
Sheridan, IN
Zone 5

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Subject: [nafex] Help in Sprouting Sweet Cherry Pits

I'm getting 20 lbs of sweet cherry pits from a processor in Ontario in a few
weeks.  These seeds are removed mechanically by a mechanical "pitter", and
not brined or treated in any way, so they should be good.  I'll be planting
these pits like corn at very, very close spacing, say 100 or more seeds to a
square foot, ie about one inch apart.

My objective is to get a sweet cherry seedling that survives zone 3 and
produces.  I assume at best one in four pits will sprout, and of those,
perhaps one in a thousand of the sprouted plants will survive above the snow
in a zone 3 winter.  I hope to get a very small number of hardy trees down
the line, and just maybe, a sweet cherry of reasonable quality that is hardy
in zone 3.

My question to NAFEXERs is about the successful sprouting of sweet cherry
pits, which I understand can be very difficult at times.  Any methods that
have worked well?  Most methods seem to revolve around cracking the pit and
planting in the fall.  However, cracking thousands of pits with a pair of
pliars doesn't appeal much to me...Does anyone have a method that works well
for getting sweet cherry pits to sprout in reasonable numbers?
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta

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