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[nafex] Re: wimpy grape cuttings

I started four varieties of grapes this year; Leon Millot, Pinot Noir, 
Gewurtztraminer (sp?) and Riesling. 

The success varied wildly with 20% for LM, 30% for PN, 100% for Gewurtz, 
and 75% for Riesling. Seems to me like the warmth lovers (reds) didn't 
appreciate our cool nights and I take that as a signal that they will be 
trouble later too in our climate. 

Lon, am I assuming too much or am I just being lazy?

Thanks, Bob- Z4 Utah

PS, I also rooted six of those figs I talked about earlier in the year 
and will soon post a detailed description of the fruit as the mother 
plant is apparently loaded and ripe.

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