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Re: [nafex] germinating seeds

No, because elderberry has a double stratification requirement.  If I
remember right, it has to be cold, then warm, then another cold shot before
it will germinate.  I germinated a bunch of different elderberries for the
National Clonal Germplasm Repository one time and still have the records
>From: Carolyn Wood <natvwine@cut.net>
>To: nafex chat <nafex@egroups.com>
>Subject: [nafex] germinating seeds
>Date: Wed, Aug 23, 2000, 6:38 PM

>Lon, thanks for such detailed directions.
>Could I also use the same technique for germinating Blue Elderberry?
>>From Lon- Clean the seed by blending the berries in a blender and add 
>more water to float off the debris.  Spread the seed on paper to dry.  
>The seed can be sown with no stratification.  Prepare a flat or pot and 
>firm the soil down. Put on thin layer of peat, moisten and tamp it 
>smooth.  Sprinkle the seed over it and "dust" it with more peat, and 
>mist the peat.  Cover the flat/pot with glass or plastic to hold 
>humidity and keep it around 70 F.  The seedlings are so tiny when they 
>come up you won't see anything but a greening of the surface of the 
>soil, as though there was algae on it.  Look with a magnifying glass to 
>see the little seed leaves.  Water with something gentle, use dilute 
>liquid fish.  When the seedlings have their second to third true leaves 
>you can begin carefully pricking them out with toothpick and pot them up 
>individually.  If you can, use a little soil from an established plant 
>in the mix to insure that the seedlings get the mycorrhizal fungi that 
>associates with the roots - the little plants need it.

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