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[nafex] free water

	after getting the go around with the soils and conservation district and 
the DNR for 2 years trying to work out their cost-sharing etc. programs for 
creating ponds, as well as their wetland restrictions, we came onto a real 
beauty.  Its called the "partners in wildlife" program, by the U.S. Fish and 
Wildlife service.  In complete contrast to the others it is quite well 
funded.   The local fellow has put in over 500 ponds in one county, free to 
the landowner, restricted only  to not removing it for 10 years.    On one 
end I hired a trackhoe operator to dig 6 feet down, to give a 9+ deep hole 
for droughts, swimming etc.
  Hows this on topic for nafex?  Its abundant water near my orchard and 
garden areas i can tap into, for irrigating.   All together we have 10 acres 
of wildlife ponds, where was only seeps and seasonal marshes before., my 
only imagined concerns are filtering out dirt and algea,  and having 
sufficient pressure for drips.
	This part applies to the Canadiens-  when recently teaching in Saskatchewan 
(north of Saskatoon)  i noticed these short windmills an ponds, and learned 
they are for aereation.  Anyone know of an address or web site for such.     
as well as site for info on COLD climate fish farming?   I intend to gas 
pump  the water uphill to a storage tank and use gravity feed for a drip 
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