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Re: [nafex] free water

Hi Del,
I don't remember where you are. An excellent book on farm reclamation which has a lot of
input on fish ponds is Louis Bromfield's, Malabar Farm. If I had had my copy returned to
me years ago, I would lend it to you. You can try the local library. Also, you can check
with your local extension office about the fish farming and other pond life. Up here in
Zone 3 NH, we can use horned pout, perch, bass, sunfish or trout species depending on the
depth and movement of the water.
Thanks for the info on the "Partners in Wildlife" program. We are losing 60% of a half
acre man made pond (the deep end of course) on our farm to the state highway which is
being widened. They refuse to completely fill it in or replace it elsewhere on the farm,
which has two excellent potential pond sites, one which is an overflowing spring. We have
no potential blowout problem since we are in river bottom land. The estimates (3) we
received for the cost of building a half acre pond to take the place of the one being
destroyed average $15,000. If this program is like you say, it could be the answer to our
prayers. Maybe someone out there will have the answer to our prayers on how to affordably
replace the over 500 maple, birch, apple, black cherry and other trees, a thirty year old
growth, (apples are older). Some of these are being removed to widen the road, but most
are being removed to provide the contractor with parking space for vehicles and
equipment. We would be happy to use the smallest nursery trees available and are not
trying to replace them all. Even so, the price is prohibitive, and NO, the state doesn't
get involved in that part of it. They just make a ridiculous offer of acquisition based
on the difference of what an appraiser thinks the over all value of the property is
before and after. If you don't like it, which we don't , they take it by eminent domain,
which they did! We are grateful for any ideas on ponds, plantings, (I have 96+- seedling
apple that can at least border the highway) or programs..................vic

del stubbs wrote:

>         after getting the go around with the soils and conservation district and
> the DNR for 2 years trying to work out their cost-sharing etc. programs for
> creating ponds, as well as their wetland restrictions, we came onto a real
> beauty.  Its called the "partners in wildlife" program, by the U.S. Fish and
> Wildlife service.  In complete contrast to the others it is quite well
> funded.   The local fellow has put in over 500 ponds in one county, free to
> the landowner, restricted only  to not removing it for 10 years.    On one
> end I hired a trackhoe operator to dig 6 feet down, to give a 9+ deep hole
> for droughts, swimming etc.
>   Hows this on topic for nafex?  Its abundant water near my orchard and
> garden areas i can tap into, for irrigating.   All together we have 10 acres
> of wildlife ponds, where was only seeps and seasonal marshes before., my
> only imagined concerns are filtering out dirt and algea,  and having
> sufficient pressure for drips.
>         This part applies to the Canadiens-  when recently teaching in Saskatchewan
> (north of Saskatoon)  i noticed these short windmills an ponds, and learned
> they are for aereation.  Anyone know of an address or web site for such.
> as well as site for info on COLD climate fish farming?   I intend to gas
> pump  the water uphill to a storage tank and use gravity feed for a drip
> system
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