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[nafex] Re: experimentation in NAFEX

Interesting entry Robert H. 
My take is probably a bit radical for most Nafexers but I make those 
fruits and nuts a priority that produce FOOD, that is high in 
nutritional value, I have to admit though that apples have kind of 
snuck up on me and bit me with their charm and so I obsess about a 
couple hundred different varieties with different flavors and 
characteristics, not all impractical as perhaps the diversity among 
them is not just for the purpose of the best flavor, some survive the 
cold better and some are more disease resistant and some are earlier 
to bear, to mature and the like. Last on my list of priorities, are 
what I call the flavoring fruits and berries, that is they don't 
produce a lot of calories and some require added sugar, such as 
currants and many gooseberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Of 
course these have been found to be high in antioxydants, (sp?), Vit. 
C or elagic acid, but in a natural environment we could collect these 
in the wild.
(Told you it was  a bit radical) 
My priorities are to make food production as intensive and local as 
possible in order to relieve pressure on the best places on earth, 
such as the Amazon, which is being plowed up to feed an overpopulated 
Kevin B


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