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[nafex] NAFEX Spokesperson?


Does NAFEX have a volunteer who speaks to radio gardening shows on behalf

I only ask, for if we do have a public speaker we could ask our local
radio gardening shows to have NAFEX as a guest.

There are hundreds of gardening radio shows out there and it would be a
good NAFEX membership builder.  All we would need to do is to write
letters to the vaious local shows and see if they are interested, and
putting them in contact with our spokesperson(s).

Maybe even add copies of the raido interviews to the NAFEX library.

This might serve a dual purpose for a gardening writer who is a NAFEX
member.  Even shared publicity, is still publicity.  I imagine it would be
fun fielding fruit questions for 15-30 minutes.

Since most all of these invterviews are done via telephone, we could have
more than one person in a spokesperson team, being interviewed singly as
a team.

Might be just right for the right people.

So do we have a spokesperson to handle such tasks?  If not are there
interested people?

Just a thought.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a


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