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This company, founded on 7th December 1929, ordered the O.305 François Musin and the O.304 Laermans. All vessels were named after famous painters. The ships were easily recognizable with their letters MV on the funnel.

Their first vessel was the O.290 Teniers. One year later, in 1930, three new vessels were acquired, the O.292 Van Eyck, O.293 Van der Weyden and the O.294 Van der Goes. Shortly after this acquisition, two more vessels joined the Motorvisserij fleet. It were the O.295 Memlinck and the O.296 Breughel. In 1938, the O.297 Rubens, was launched for the Motorvisserij.

The O.294 Van der Goes sunk on 26th January 1939, taking her eight crew members with her. That year, three new vessels entered service, the O.296 Van Oost, O.298 Van Dyck and the O.299 Van Orley and one was sold, the Breughel. During the war three other vessels were lost, the Van der Weyden in 1940, the Rubens and Van Orley in 1941.

[O.296 Van Oost - Source: Fishermen and Boats]

In 1946, four news vessels were ordered, the O.294 Van Orley, the O.297 Rubens, the O.293 Van der Weyden and the O.299 Breughel. One year later, three vessels were chartered from the Government: O.301 James Ensor, O.302 Frans Courtens and the O.303 Artan.

[O.301 James Ensor - Source: Fishermen and Boats]

In 1948, the Van Dyck and the Van Oost were sold, so they could order two new vessels, the O.304 Laermans and the O.305 François Musin. In 1949, the chartered vessels returned to their owner. At the end of October 1949, the Laermans went missing without any trace (more...).

[O.294 Van Orley - Source: Fishermen and Boats]

Realizing that there were a lot of competitors, the Motorvisserij started modernizing their fleet. Three vessels were sold and new ones added. One of Ostend largest vessels was bought in Britain. It was the O.395 Van der Weyden.

The Motorvisserij celebrated their 25th anniversary in 1954. On 5th January 1954, the company bought the O.297 Rubens. This ship sadly sunk on 11th October 1960 after a collision with the British trawler St. Apollo.

In 1956 the O.305 François Musin was sold to Boels.

On 6th December 1963, two trawlers, the O.293 Van Eyck and the O.296 Van Oost were sold to Hamling & Company from Hull. Two weeks later, this company bought the two remaining vessels from the fleet, the O.294 Van Orley and the O.298 Van Dyck.





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