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The vessel is named after a famous Ostend painter, François Musin.

Based on...

The O.305 François Musin and her sistership O.304 Laermans were based on pré-war vessels. They belonged to the first post-war built trawlers in Ostend.


To catch up all the loses of World War II, Beliard and Boel built 7 near-identical trawlers, 5 for Belgian owners and 2 for French owners. These vessels were:

Vessel Yard Owner
O.320 Noordenende III Beliard Motorvisserij
O.319 Noordenende II Beliard Motorvisserij
O.304 Laermans Beliard Motorvisserij
O.305 François Musin Beliard Motorvisserij
O.236 Henriette Beliard Laplasse
O.234 Raphael Gabrielle Boel K. Walraeve
O.331 Nadine-Josette Boel L.F. Viaene

All vessels were paid by the owners. There were no compensations for the loses.


On 28 February 1948 the François Musin was launched at Beliard, Crighton & Company yard in Ostend. The 154 GRT trawler had a 400 HP Sulzer engine, which was replaced several years later, in 1963, by a Lister Blackstone of 495 HP.


Between 1948 and 1956 she sailed for the N.V. Motorvisserij. That year, she was sold to Rederij Boels.

[O.305 Musin entering the Visserijdok, photographer unknown]

They resold the vessel in 1971, one year before she was stricken from the official registers of fishing. The new owner, Juan Guzon Fernandez got the vessel on 29-09-1971. Already on 16-05-1972 she was stricken.

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In 1950, Edouard Beauprez, felt overboard after all navigation equipment died.

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