Package The FreeDOS Kernel in group FreeDOS Base
TitleThe FreeDOS Kernel
Date Entered2021-05-14
DescriptionThe FreeDOS Kernel
SummaryThe FreeDOS Kernel (supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32). Includes COUNTRY.SYS, SETVER.SYS and SYS.COM.
Keywordskernel, FreeDOS, DOS, MSDOS
Author(developers: can be reached on the freedos-kernel mailing list)
Primary siteGitHub -- FDOS/kernel
Alternate site
PlatformsDOS, FreeDOS, DOSEMU (OpenWatcom C or Turbo C, NASM, UPX)
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
GroupFreeDOS Base
SHA2561efdba830a473891bf4c5c81e1858d86c247a0c2a03f00d69b5f40969c442905 (755K)