Package lbacache in group FreeDOS Base
Date Entered2008-07-23
DescriptionDisk cache, caches reads for max 8 CHS / LBA hard disks and floppies, XMS, 386 or better - tickle comes with lbacache!
Keywordscache, smartdrv, nwcache
AuthorEric Auer <eric -at->
Maintained byEric Auer <eric -at->
Primary siteFreeDOS Repository -- lbacache.html
Alternate siteFreeDOS Archive -- dos/lbacache
PlatformsDOS 386+ (nasm assembler), FreeDOS
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
GroupFreeDOS Base
SHA25629215239007e2208ffbefec7967eae45b6d101f1b9cf2c844bdee347ca261a16 (145K)