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Equipment Currently Used by the SOHP

NAME: Marantz Cassette Recorder
BRAND & MODEL #: PMD 430 (stereo)
PRICE: $520

NAME: Omni-directional microphone
BRAND & MODEL #: Soundgrabber
PRICE: $70

NAME: Tabletop microphone stand
BRAND & MODEL #: Commonly available

NAME: Protective carrying case (designed for a laptop computer but ideal for transporting the Marantz
BRAND & MODEL #: Targus CN-01 Notepac
PRICE: $40

Recorder notes: Marantz PMD 430 recorders have three heads (permitting the interviewer to monitor sound quality during recording); stereo (permitting a sound engineer to separate the interviewer or background noise from the interviewee's voice and thus greatly enhance sound quality); and Dolby (which reduces tape hiss, enabling an archive to copy tapes without losing sound quality).

Processing notes: Any transcribing machine (or playback equipment) with counter numbers may be used to transcribe or index the interview tapes.

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