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Never underestimate the weather

Yesterday's Northern Territory News print edition on page 13 talks about the luck of an unnamed television network's crew securing their pricey stuff under a tarpaulin after what it called an unseasonal downpour, which blew away pretty quickly. Too bad they didn't go to check, because when the crew went back, the rag says, all they found was a pile of expensive junk.

(If I were superstitious, I'd have said it were payback for some news organisations refusing the Joanne Lees offer of 'controlled' images of her in return for a charitable donation. Hrm.)

Moral for anyone who's spent five minutes in Darwin: watch out for anything.

And secure your tarpaulins really well. If you dare use them in the first place in an 'unusual' storm. Silly television news crews. :) (After all, lightning storms come out of nowhere when one is around. Makes good entertainment if you're really stuck for things to do but you have a good balcony or verandah to watch the light show.)

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