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Always about money, or about e-mail address clinginess

For many Australians, it's always about the money as well as what one can extract from something... not all Australians, though, of course.

I wonder if it's about time I cynically started saying 'only in Australia'? I imagine those Centrelink staff are cursing Howard and his gang for the little flood he's caused. Or not. Oops.

Incidentally, the word I've found today in the OED is the noun ocker, or rough, uncultivated, or aggressively boorish Australian. Lively definition, that. Doesn't sound nice, though. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary expands on that to say it's an alteration of a name of some, uh, Australian television character called Oscar, whom I've never heard of before. How odd.)

I suspect, though, even an 'ocker' wouldn't like having to let their e-mail address expire. Well, if it weren't for spam, anyway.

In the meantime, I wonder if I'm made of fairy dust. Certainly we're made of stardust, apparently.

[Listening to: Love You For Always -- Mandy Moore -- I Wanna Be With You (03:21)]


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