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Election too close to call (apparently)

In the 'gospel' according to Centrebet, as reported on page 003 of Monday's Northern Territory News, it looks like Solomon's going to be taken over by the ALP, but that the Coalition parties (Liberal, National and CLP, I recall) might win nationally.

I don't consider myself politically active as such and thus don't consider posting my views a good idea, but one thing for sure: I don't like close elections.

Incidentally, Centrebet's website has the ALP's Jim Davidson at $1.70 right now, versus the CLP's sitting member, David Tollner, at $1.90. Hmmm. Nationally, it's a bit more weird, though. $1.20 for the Coalition, and the ALP's way out at $4.00. Quite different from what the Northern Territory News reported on Monday, which was $1.60, even, $1.45 and $2.55 respectively for all four odds.

So, I'm not sure I want to guess who's going to win. Then again, it's been known for some time betting agencies' odds have been pretty good indicators of wins, even if the pollsters think otherwise. Any guesses for Saturday, anyone?

On another note, I don't think I want to comment in any way on the local government and district health board elections here in NZ. The turnout looks skewed, for a start.


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