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Smith Street Mall

Seeing that for non-Section 27(1) stuff on tph I thought I should start talking about the most banal stuff I can think of, there is some otherwise random news that I noticed this afternoon from page 004 of yesterday's Northern Territory News:

So, the (bored?) NT CLP opposition leader wants to move not only the Darwin GPO into the Smith Street Mall, but both the public library and the territory library as well. There seems to be some support from the territory government and the lord mayor, but there are probably two problems. Smith Street Mall was fairly full last time I was there, and the post office doesn't want to move (if no plans to do so counts as that).

If I've counted the years right, it's election year, so maybe the fun for those on the sidelines has started. Yay. The article seems to be available on EBSCOhost, if you can somehow authenticate through an EPIC-subscribing library or similar database system.


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