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Getting to 4 Kelburn Parade

Well, the new timetables server from the regional council comes up with this route on its automated brain that I'd never thought of. Slightly modified for my writing style, here it is:

  • Turn left into Wellington Station.
  • After 3 metres, continue into Lambton Interchange Subway.
  • After 175 metres, turn left into Lambton Quay.
  • After 250 metres, turn right into Masons Lane.
  • After 50 metres, turn left into The Terrace.
  • After 120 metres, turn right into Aurora Terrace.
  • After 300 metres, continue into Walkway.
  • After 120 metres, turn right into Clermont Terrace.
  • After 80 metres, turn left into Salamanca Road.
  • After 0.5 kilometres, turn right into Kelburn Parade.
  • After 17 metres, arrive at 4 Kelburn Parade, Kelburn, Wellington.

But if that's not mindless for 25 minutes to Kohanga, the route via the cable car is a bit odd, funnily enough:

  • Turn left into Westpac Stadium Walkway. (Wouldn't it be easier to exit the railway station?)
  • After 60 metres, turn right into Unnamed Road (which I've never heard of, oddly).
  • After 70 metres, turn right into Bunny Street.
  • After 30 metres, turn left into Stout Street.
  • After 350 metres, turn left into Lambton Quay.
  • After 350 metres, turn right into Cable Car Lane.
  • After 60 metres arrive at Cable Car Station (Lambton Quay), Wellington City. (That was a 13 minute walk.)
  • Wait 2 minutes for a cable car.
  • After 3 minutes, arrive at Cable Car Station (Salamanca Road), Wellington City.
  • Turn right into Walkway.
  • After 40 metres, turn left into Salamanca Road.
  • After 175 metres, turn right into Kelburn Parade.
  • After 17 metres, arrive at 4 Kelburn Parade, Kelburn, Wellington City. (The last bit is a 4 minute walk.)

Maybe I'll stick to human experience. But aren't automated trip planners just fun for odd and unexpected things like this?


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Remarkably, reverse that route, and you get the way I walked to work (well, add from the top of kelburn parade, and down thordon quay once you get to the railway station) when I lived in Kelburn (and, er, worked in Thorndon).

It's vastly different now that I live in Lyall Bay and work in Kelburn :)

Auckland's trip planner is significantly better... I could give it my "home" address, and destination one and get instructions that were actually good (gave me the best route), and easy to follow. Wellington's I've found is very fussy (try saying "I want to go from 48 Kelburn Pde to 5 Vivian St", and fight with it to get reasonable insturctions.)

Thanks, Patrick. It comes up with a lot of oddities, as well as your coincidence.

Originally I posted because I came across a route from the station to Kelburn Parade that involved two buses and possibly even a trip on the cable car, too. It seems they've given the planner a little bit in the way of smarts, alas or otherwise, so no more fun. It still recommends the 25 minute route above, however it's stopped telling me to take the cable car. Completely. How odd. :)

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