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Raspberry Coke

More marketing madness: Coca-Cola with Raspberry. When will this endless marketing end? And what about Cherry Coke again? Someone?

In Internet-related stuff, Australia seems to be making motions with its upcoming ENUM trial. In education, evolution and creation come up again, this time in Kansas.

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I think the filibuster protest is an EXCELLENT idea. These Princeton students are doing the Senate one-better; the Senate doesn't even /really/ filibuster anymore. They just threaten them! I think I would mind filibusters less if the Senate actually debated non-stop as was the original intent.

Now it's like a con-game. "Ok, I'm going to mug you. Assume I have a gun and am pointing it in your face. I won't actually do that, but let's just take that as a given. Now give me your money and we can both be on our way. Thanks."

What the hell? Correct, that makes as much sense as Minority Whip Reid saying, "I know our side will lose this one if we let it go to vote. Let's just plug our fingers in our ears until it blows over. We can tell the evil Republicans if they don't like it that we will filibuster. Nyah nyah!"

(Note: the previous paragraph, while perfectly logical and reasoned and wonderfully written, may lead you to believe that I don't think the Republicans are capable of the same level of retardedness. You would be wrong, I know it's been done a lot by both sides.)

So in closing, Princeton, go for it. Debate non-stop until your body odor drives the campus newspaper journalist majors away. It won't make any difference anyway. Besides, it's a shame that the Constitution clearly states the extremely rare conditions under which the founders wished for a super-majority. Confirming judges isn't one of them.

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