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Video clips!

That's right, kids, some new streaming video clips at the S27(1) website!

Tēnā koe! On 8 July 2005, Section 27(1) in a journalism capacity visited a UniQ Victoria protest outside a Destiny Church rally organised by Brian Tamaki in Lower Hutt. Here's some videos; you will find the photographs taken by the S27(1) crew at http://www.scm.org.nz/go/234 instead.

  1. Dial-up: 28 and 56 modems
  2. Broadband: 64, 128 and 256 DSL

These two video streams are a collection of 10 short highlights from the event, from singing to some speeches and interviews (filmed spontaneously using a Canon PowerShot A80).

Hosting for the streams as part of the S27(1) and PD Books Page is kindly provided by ibiblio.

All, I should add, were very interesting, whatever side you support. For supporters, Scott Stevens' review of the event might be fun. In case someone's worried about balance or bias, I haven't been able to find any written by Destiny Church supporters yet.

[From: http://www.ibiblio.org/ahkitj/section27/multimedia/related/2005-07-08/]

Update: Unfortunately, you need pesky old RealPlayer or some compatible player or clone thing to play the clips. Sorry.

Update: Oops! I forgot to fix the addresses for the streams when pasting in the quote source. Should be better now.


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