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Christmas travel notes

Happy Christmas and happy holidays, and here's some this-and-that observations about travelling in Hong Kong:

  • If you travel on a taxi, it's likely to be a Toyota Crown Comfort, LPG-powered.
  • The taxi you travel on is almost certainly painted (mostly) red, though green on the odd occasion.
  • At least in Kowloon, if you come across postcards and have half an interest in posting some postcards at some point, buy them. They're hard to come across.
  • They don't sell postcards in book shops or stationery shops.
  • Remember those movies such as The Matrix where two people start a fight in a subway station and end up on the railway tracks? It's a bit hard to do that in HK -- that's because there's a glass barrier (with doors that line up to the train doors), so one has to break that first before getting started.

Correction: Well, the above applies if you're in certain parts of HK, and others were my general not-looking-far-enough-ness. The green taxis are from other areas that I hadn't been until the day before I wrote this paragraph (29 December), book shops do sell postcards (if you look really hard and usually upstairs in some obscure place, and often only one shelf of them), and it appears that just the MTR has the glass barriers on their undergrounds. (One can still film their on-track movie fights on KCRC stations without those pesky barriers, but it's just not the same as a subway... and kids, don't try this at home. Or at a train station.) Anyway, happy new year!


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