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More of the same

  • I haven't travelled further than HK or Australia for some time, but I've noticed that payment receipts shops give out in HK tend to not blank or zero out some of your credit card's digits. Indeed, I've even had my name printed on them. That's not good if you tend to be someone who throws out (or loses) their receipts pretty rapidly and not hoard them until the statement comes in (as I've almost always been told to do).
  • Hong Kong has pretty fountains.
  • In Hung Hom, Kowloon, the SmarTone-Vodafone shop is, like the ship concreted in as a marketing gimmick, a really good landmark when you get lost.
  • Those advertorial-based LCDs on buses and trains get rather annoying for a while. At least the train operator with them has done the quiet cars thing where they at least mercifully turn off the speakers. But still leave them blasted screens in the carriages.

With some luck, I'll be back from leave soon.


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