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One reason you wouldn't want to bother with getting broadband in New Zealand

Why wouldn't you want to bother? Why wouldn't you want to dare switch your DSL-based ISP to another one once local loop unbundling is ready? Now there's another reason. In some areas, there isn't enough space in some telephone cabinets, not to mention that it's just as bad in the main exchanges.

This isn't just the rural or supposed 'lower income' areas. Remuera supposedly has a significant waiting list, and one person in New Plymouth has been told to wait four years.

Hmmm. Charming.

I'm not sure what I would do.

Meanwhile, the ISP bidding war continues.


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Wow, and I thought Telstra was fucked up over this side of the Tasman. And it's not like they have a large country to cover...

Thanks, Imroy. It's rather funny how it works. If you're in an area where you're trying to keep up with the Joneses (areas where broadband has shot through the roof), you can't get a new connection from Telecom New Zealand. Equally, if you're in a really large town (like New Plymouth) that doesn't appear to have enough demand to make the roadside cabinet (or plural thereof) bigger, you're equally buggered. And if you're a rival provider, looks like you won't get space once unbundling's finally in the Acts (the law books, that is, though it'd be funny if it made it in to the Holy Bible). Really, six months does seem a rather long time to wait especially if really high demand should help on the costs thing.

Hey, at least you Australians have unbundling. It's only just got a chance to inch its way through Parliament here!



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