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So, it was of some use

It seems someone else has actually been reading the Mazengarb Report, otherwise known euphemistically as that Report of the Special Committee on Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescents, after all. Looks like Russell Brown in the NZ Listener (in the July 29-August 4 issue) has linked to the Project Gutenberg edition.

Of all of the texts I've scanned and arranged to be proofed on DP, this one's still my original and all-time favourite. It's got moral panic written all over it, albeit in hindsight.

I also recall writing the original version of the Wikipedia entry on the Mazengarb Report that is linked to as well. I -- or someone else, it doesn't really matter ultimately -- must get around to expanding that some time. It needs some expansion of the report conclusions to really be of use, methinks.

Going back 29 calendar years earlier, I also see that the DP effort on 1925's Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders: Report of The Committee of Inquiry Appointed by the Hon Sir Maui Pomare, KBE, CMG, Minister of Health (or simply put, the Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders report) has made it to PG. Enjoy. Maybe. It makes somewhat chilling reading, depending on what perspective you take.


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Thank you for working on the Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders Report. It is always a shock to my Intro Psychology students when I tell them that Hitler wasn't the first one to jump on the "Racial Purity" bandwagon.

What I learned new from this report was the depth of misogyny that it exhibited. Vestiges of Victorian sensibilities, I suppose...

Thanks again,

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