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Yesterday's book now uploaded

All right, after some nice and constructive thoughts from Russell Brown (thanks, Russell!), I've uploaded the book that I scanned yesterday, A Plea for the Criminal (1903), as a scanned PDF file.

It may be worth noting that this PDF file is not searchable; it hasn't had even a crude OCR process run over it -- that said, it will as usual be sent through DP for posting on PG as a searchable text e-book.

As Russell suggests (I wouldn't use fancy-ass to describe VUW's non-library-maintained photocopiers, though, but hey, hehe, that's just me -- I just used them because they're there to use, and scanning to e-mail is one of the functions they have), having just the PDF file for download is probably easier. Certainly it's probably easier than converting the whole PDF file into separate PNG files for uploading to the Gallery album, which I've done previously for other books. I may continue doing that, but I'll think about it for the time being.

As long as I'm still around VUW, the speed of these photocopiers' scanning facilities should be bloody useful. Cropping is a much harder, but that scanning speed makes up quite nicely, and then some. :)

Happy reading. I still haven't worked out what to make of the fold-out section between pages 150 and 151 in the book, though.


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