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And another registrar...

I'd a poke around today and switched registrars for electric.gen.nz.

It's no real reflection on the previous registrar or even the new registrar (all right, so there was the price difference; I've had three different registrars, and I only switched from one back to another in less than 15 minutes because they only allowed two or three nameserver entries). If anything, it's a reflection of how smooth the domain market works. None of this pesky wait 60 or whatever days after registration stuff -- pony up with payment and your UDAI which your (soon to be) previous registrar should have provided (and if not, they have to pretty much straight away, give or take). If anything, poke around for a few minutes to create a customer account at a new registrar, arrange payment (if asked for; some don't ask for one until it's renewal time) or ask for an invoice and hey, presto.

Oh yeah, and hunting for the UDAI can add in a few minutes of waiting if one decides to insist on searching old e-mail or printouts for it instead of requesting a new one.

Well, that said, it was done in minutes, maximising time for more important things, like homework.

Bloody painless, it all was.


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