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His Majesty King of Interface -- oh, and Telecom implies that Jabber is peer-to-peer stuff

Right, two things, while I should be doing work/finishing off at Women's Studies for the university year: my friend Donald Gordon is now King of Interface, or, put simply, a life member, and (in an unrelated madness) the open standards-based Jabber instant messaging protocol is a peer-to-peer technology, Telecom Xtra implies. Egads.


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No, there was a constitutional amendment to add a new category of member, the Interface Monarch (who is an HLM with a different title ... and a succession). I'd love to see the faces of the VUWSA people when they get told that we'd like our constitutional amendment ratified, please.

Heh. Thanks for the correction, Donald. Good luck with the ratification! :)

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