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Next book

Things are still happenin' at Section 27(1) Books at the moment, but after noticing there were no books in te reo in Project Gutenberg and only one with Māori as a supporting/secondary language in Distributed Proofreaders, I found, got cleared and scanned a short book on a legend this week -- shortest scan I've ever done. Once I finish up for the term, I'll properly mention the title and post it. It's not quite a, uh, book on my usual topic area (something from the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives, that is), but it's a nice distraction/relaxation from the usual.

It's a rather interesting book. Only pages 5 through 11 are actually in Māori to be honest, and the rest of the 28 pages are taken up by a preface, notes and a nice little vocabulary list. Being from the early 1900s, it also is 'pre-macrons'. Disregarding the commentary, methinks this would make it the first primarily Māori book in PG. I was hoping to find a book written only in te reo, though. I'll try again next week for another text. Maybe I'll hit paydirt.


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