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Kiwi losers (uh, spammers) not to buy scooters from

OK, now and again I get advertisements sent to me, and I just know it can't be permission marketing, because they're not often addresses I give permission to send me crap at. (Yes, I know they're not the first people to try this.)

So, when a New Zealand outfit that shall remain nameless within the .co.nz domain with the words 'me' and 'bike' in it (not in that order) send me spam from a United States-based IP address (and upstream appear from that that they may be sending it from a Chinese IP address), I'm suspicious about them.

I'd like to give them benefit of the doubt, but wouldn't using a New Zealand Internet provider instead of a Chinese one be cheaper? It does sound like someone's got something to hide. (On balance, if they are indeed using a private computer of theirs to send the mail, dialup to China is surely expensive. They could be using a VPN setup, but then the question is why bother?) Some further analysis of the domain shows they appear to be using the same provider for their mailout as they are for their domain's website, mailserver and nameserver, so the immediately preceding IP address can be explained, but not the Chinese IP address they appeared to use upstream, nor that I can't find that I've ever communicated with this outfit before.)

So if you get an advertisement to buy scooters imploring you to save on carbon emissions and all that emotive stuff to get you to buy, don't do it from these losers. Well, guys -- keeping your computers on sending this spam is helping produce carbon emissions.

Heck, even the whois points to a marketing company. Guess they haven't done their homework.

The new anti-spam law could not come sooner. Don't buy the scooters from these losers -- don't encourage them to send spam.

(And a final note to the company in question: don't spam me again.)


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