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Classes starting!

Well, I'm back at Penn State University Park. Things are going quite well, mostly. I've visited family in San Francisco, visited friends in Tempe, I've got my luggage and summer storage (and thus room) somewhat re-unpacked (well, just unpacked for the summer storage), I've checked that the Ethernet socket in my room is obviously now working, my US phone numbers now work sort of properly (or, they just bearably work), I've had pre-semester meetings with supervisors, I've remembered how to catch buses around here, I've remembered how to use the dining halls and the associated meal plans, I'm finding out my favourite bus stop has been removed in favour of a bigger one in a less useful (to me) spot, I'm trying to remember to call home, and I'm tired after all of that (and then some things I'm not going to tell in a public diary). I'm helping with some teaching and research this term, among the big changes about to happen in my life (the other one I'll admit to here is being starting to enjoy the US university style).

I guess that's the end of my winter vacation in New Zealand, then. Or was that my summer vacation?


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