The cardinal mission of BAPSA is to improve the reproductive health care services through a community based social development approach. In this respect, the organization seeks to create an environment that would guarantee an improvement in the quality of life and health of those so long uncared for both in the urban and rural areas. As several actors would be involved in fulfilling the mission of BAPSA, the organization believes in an integrated approach towards
solving the problems related to reproductive health services


  • improve women's health by ensuring quality reproductive health care services;
    create awareness among the under served urban and rural citizenry about the reproductive rights;
  • establish a system for prevention of septic abortion by organizing training and services;
  • create a 'Center of Excellence' and maintain the standard of treatment for septic abortion cases;
  • create a database, organize training, and maintain information linkage on the latest developments related to M.R. and its providers in the country;
  • develop a surveillance system for monitoring the quality of M.R. services in the country;
  • and finally undertake research on reproductive health, incidence of septic abortion, and all relevant areas concerning women and health care providers.