Jack Tales and Folklore

In reading these stories, it must be kept constantly in mind that this is an oral tradition. The Jack Tales are told, not read, by these people from whom we have recorded them. No two individuals in Beech Mountain section ever tell the same story exactly alike; nor does the sme man ever tell any one tale quite the same twice over. This is, of course, a part of the story-teller's art. (p. x, Arts in Earnest)

Jack & the Giant's New Ground

This is a story about Jack, a king and a few giants. Jack's daddy sent him away from home because he was so lazy and wouldn't do any work. Jack met this King who offered him money to clear the land and kill the giants. Well, Jack said he could do it, but do you really think a boy could kill giants? If you really want to find out, you'll just have to read this story.

Jack & the Bull

In this Jack tale, Jack is mistreated by the wife of a man he works for. He is starving and meets a bull that helps feed him and take care of him (you'll have to check it out for yourself to find out how) while the daughters of this evil wife spy on him. Read this story to find out how Jack survives and defies the family who is set out to end him.

Jack 'n' the Beantree

Now this is a story that is familiar to us all (Jack and the Beanstalk) but it has a different twist. You learn more about Jack and his mother's relationship, as well as his adventures with the giant. The prizes that Jack desires are a little different from before and the story ends with . . .well, you'll just have to read it to find out.

Jack & the Robbers

This here is another tale about Jack when he was young. Goin' down the road one day, Jack met up with several animals, all sad in their own way, who went on the journey with Jack. They came upon this house that belonged to a gang of robbers. What happened next? You will just have to read this tale to find out.

Jack & the North West Wind

This is a story about Jack and his mother. The weather was awefully cold, since it was winter and the north west wind was blowing harder and colder than ever before. Jack vowed to stop the wind from blowing. But how? Did Jack stop the wind to keep his mother warm? Read this story to find out.

Jack & the Varmints

Strong Man-Jack, killed seven at a whack. What did he kill and how did he do it? What happened when Jack was hired by a King to rid his land of lions, boars and unicorns? We won't give you the answers, you need to check it out for yourself.

Sop Doll!

In this adventure, Jack goes to work for a man who needs someone to run a mill for him. Only one problem, no one has ever lasted more than one night at the mill. What happens to Jack? Does he survive through the night? We won't tell, but if you read this story, you're sure to know.

Jack & the King's Girl

This is another story about Jack goin' a-courtin'. This time, he was after the King's daughter. She was really pretty, but she had never laughed. The King promised her hand to anyone who could make her laugh? Did Jack succeed? If so, how did he do it? Read about Jack's adventure to find out.

Fill, Bowl, Fill!

This tale is about Jack goin' a-courtin'. You see, a farmer had two really pretty daughters and would only let them marry a man who could fulfill the farmer's one really hard request. What was the request? Did Jack marry one of the daughters? Find out for yourself by reading Fill, Bowl! Fill!

Old Fire Dragaman

This is another adventure about Jack and his brothers, Will and Tom. This time they had set out on their own and were to clear some land for their father. They met a Giant and Jack decided to find out where he lived. While sneaking into the Giant's lair, Jack discoverd a true treasure and . . . . What happened next? We aren't telling, check it out for yourself.

Cat 'n' Mouse

This story involves an adventure with Jack and hiw two brother, Will and Tom. They split up to find their fortune and left Jack without any money. While on his own, Jack finds his fortune and even comes out better than his brothers. . . but only after he battles with a witch. You'll have to read all about it to find out more.

Soldier Jack

Ever wondered what it would be like to keep getting older but never being able to die? Jack and the folk of a small town do exactly that when Jack and Death meet in person. What happens? Will Jack and the town's folk ever die? You'll just have to read Soldier Jack to find out.

Butthead the Baldy Bull

This adventurous tale is about a bull who is as stubborn as a mule. At first Butt-Head doesn't want to leave the safety that he has come to love, but after his first taste of freedom, Butt-Head get into all kinds of trouble. We won't tell you what he does, that you'll just have to find out for yourself.

Sweet Potatoes

This is a story about a guy named Sammy Buckshaw who raised sweet potatoes. Gardening was his life and he loved it more than anything. Sammy learned that the construction of a new road was going to destroy his garden, but was told it would be built until after he harvested his sweet potatoes. Did the road destroy his garden? You'll just have to check it out for yourself.

The Chicken Thumb

Ever wondered what would happen when a Rooster and a Farmer get into a fight to the death? Well, Hoopie the farmer find out in this tale and it isn't good, especially when the rooster is as smart as this one is. To find out why they were fighting and what happened, you have to read it for yourself.

Jack's First Hunt

Jack gets a gun for Christmas from his father and wants to show him just how proud he was by getting a whole mess of game on his first hunting trip. What do you think Jack came back with from his hunting trip? A mess of game or an empty hand? To find out how Jack did, you'll just have to check it out for yourself.

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