Re: apparent error

Edgar M. Krentz (
Sun, 6 Oct 1996 20:00:43 -0500

>At 02:13 10/5/96 -0400, David L. Moore wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> I have the BibleCompanion/Seedmaster LXX and the Logos 2.0
>>> LXX and both have EIPEN in Ex. 14:11 instead of EIPAN.
>>> Are we absolutely sure where the error is? I guess it could
>>> also be in the printed edition?
>> Are you sure the LXX database is based on the same edition you
>>checked it against? The Rahlfs edition from the Bible Society has EIPAN.
>The Brenton edition also has EIPAN. and the context is quite that the
>sons of Israel (hOI hUIOI ISRAHL), plural, are speaking.
>Stephen Carlson
I suppose one ought to check out the text of Genesis in the great
Goettingen Septuagint or in the old Holmes and Parsons to see whether both
readings do not appear. After all, EIPAN for EIPEN reflects the later
tendencey to make strong aorists conform to weak aorist suffixes. The same
phenomenon occurs in some New Testament manuscripts. [I don't have these
editions available to me at home, only the Rahlfs, which is, after all,
based on a very slender textual basis.

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