Relative Future in 1Tim. 2:15

pieter@div.ru.ac.za (Pieter de Villiers) writes:

DM>>    1Tim. 2:15 has been interpreted in many ways because its 
DM>>implication, as usually understood, seems to be that women may be saved 
DM>>by bearing children

>Dear David
>I hope to work on your remarks at some stage, but an initial
>question: have you published them somewhere?
>Thanks for interesting observations.

	Thank you for the interest expressed, but, no, I have not published my ideas
on Col. 2:17 and 1Tim. 2:15, except for posting them on this list.  I am
pastor of a church, and also serve my District as Director of Education.
 These duties keep me busy enough that I have not been able to do all the
careful scholarship necessary for publication.  You may notice that I had to
revise my original comments on these two verses, substituting the terms
"absolute-" and "relative tense" in place of "aspect" to define the
phenomenon I was highlighting.  Nevertheless, I do continue to think that a
future (whether paraphrastic or verbal) that is relative to a past point of
view, as I outlined in the post to which you refer above, provides a solution
to the problems of interpretation that these passages present.

David Moore