Re: Swetnam textbook

Philip Graber wrote:
> Has anyone seen (or used) James Swetnam's _An Introduction to the Study 
> of New Testament Greek_ (1992)? I just got a catalog from the Jesuit 
> Consortium that lists it with this description:
> "This introduction to New Testament Greek grammar has been written 
> especially for the person who must study without the benefit of a 
> teacher, although it can be used as a class text as well. The 
> explanations are detailed, the exercises are accompanied by translations, 
> and there are many lists, categories, and paradigms. The entire Gospels 
> of Mark and John are read in the course of a thorough introduction to 
> morphology. A certain amount of syntax is also presented."
> It is apparently in multiple volumes ("Parts"), each of which has two
> volumes: one with lessons, the other with the key to the lessons, lists,
> paradigms, and indices.  The price listed is $50.00, but I cannot tell if
> that is for the whole set, or just the first volume. If it is for the 
> whole set, that is $3 cheaper than Machen was last month.
> It looks interesting.  Anyone know anything about it?
> Philip Graber
> Emory University

Hello again.  I wrote in a few weeks ago looking for self-teaching books so
that I could learn New Testament Greek.  This post caught my eye.  I actually
purchased two workbooks for myself two weeks ago:
  _Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day_ by Jim Found
  _Learn new Testament Greek_ by John H. Dobson
I found Found's book in a used book store for $6.  The person that sold it had
only worked through 3 lessons in pencil so I bought it and erased his/her 
answers.  I plan on finishing that book first and then working through the
Dobson book as reinforcement.  The Dobson book cost $8 or $9 plus shipping
and handling (I got it from CBD).

Anyway, my point is that, although Swetnam's book may be very good, it is very
pricey.  I bought 2 self-teaching workbooks and a UBS4 Greek New Testament for
less than $50.  I hope that the publishers will have pity and make some attempt
to reduce the cost of these new books.

Dennis Burke