Re: Swetnam textbook

On Fri, 7 Oct 1994, Dennis Burke wrote:

> Philip Graber wrote:
> > 
> > Has anyone seen (or used) James Swetnam's _An Introduction to the Study 
> > of New Testament Greek_ (1992)? I just got a catalog from the Jesuit 
> > Consortium that lists it with this description:
> > 
> > whole set, that is $3 cheaper than Machen was last month.
> > 
> > It looks interesting.  Anyone know anything about it?
> > 
> > Philip Graber
> > Emory University
> > 

> Hello again.  I wrote in a few weeks ago looking for self-teaching books so
> that I could learn New Testament Greek.  This post caught my eye.  I actually
> purchased two workbooks for myself two weeks ago:
>   _Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day_ by Jim Found
>   _Learn new Testament Greek_ by John H. Dobson
> I found Found's book in a used book store for $6.  The person that sold it had
> Anyway, my point is that, although Swetnam's book may be very good, it is very
> pricey.  I bought 2 self-teaching workbooks and a UBS4 Greek New Testament for
> less than $50.  I hope that the publishers will have pity and make some attempt
> to reduce the cost of these new books.
> Dennis Burke
> dennisb@test490.pac.sc.ti.com

I just read your post. I was one who had suggested Jim Found's book to 
you and I think that at the time I told you I had used it to teach 
an evening class in *basic* greek at church. I'm glad you found it and 
like it. Good luck, and your suggestions to b-greek are certainly 
appropriate for the mail list.


Chuck Arnold