Swetnam's NT Greek text-books

Philip L. Graber <pgraber@emoryu1.cc.emory.edu>

>> Has anyone seen (or used) James Swetnam's _An Introduction 
to the Study 
of New Testament Greek_ (1992)? 
It is apparently in multiple volumes ("Parts"), each of which 
has two volumes: one with lessons, the other with the key to 
the lessons, lists, paradigms, and indices. <<


Just to clear this up. So far, all that has been published is:

2 paperbacks, which make up part I and II of Vol. 16 in the 
Subsidia biblica series published by the Pontifical Biblical 
Institute of Rome. ISBN 88-7653--600-0 (both)

But then, looking at the covers of Vol. 16/I and 16/II we read:

An Introduction to the Study of New Testament Greek:
Part One: Morphology Volume 1: Lessons 
Part ONe: Morphology Volume 2: Key, Lists, Paradigms, Indices

Confused? -- so am I <g>

The Lessons book has 100 lessons spread over 453 pages.
Right from Lesson 2, each lesson requires  translation into 
Greek, and from Greek, all given their NT references, plus some 
verses to be worked through.

On the question of syntax, the Introduction says:
"Sufficient syntax is given to enable the student to read the 
New Testament text on the level of a basic comprehension. A 
second part ..... is envisaged which will give a more 
comprehensive treatment of syntax "
I have not heard anything about this publication yet.

In the Key, Lists, etc book there is a list of 210 verbs 
labelled 'difficult'. The author says:
" These have been selected have been selected according to 
criteria which are admittedly subjective. Included are most 
verbs normally in lists of 'irregular verbs', plus any other 
verb which needs particular attention by reasons of difficulty. 
Even verbs found only in the present system are included".

Hope this is of help to you.


>> price listed is $50.00, but I cannot tell if
that is for the whole set, or just the first volume. <<

As the ISBN indicates, these two paperbacks are sold as a set, 
so I guess the price you quote gets you the present two 
paperbacks -- 453pp + 307pp.

Maurice A. O'Sullivan  [Bray,Ireland]