Word Order in John 1:1-2

May I suggest that the pattern in John 1:1 extends through verse 2.
The following illustrates it:

  X en Y
& Y en pros ton Z
& Z en Y
  y en X pros ton Z

where X is En archEi, Y is ho logos, Z is theos/n, y is houtos, and & is kai.

Here 1 and 3 share endings, as do 2 and 4.

There is also a chiastic pattern ( X Y Y Z   Z Y y X ) with a Z left over.

The change from ho logos to houtos is probably motivated by a rule of discourse
grammar that, roughly stated, says that concepts are introduced with nouns or
noun phrases, continued with pronouns, and finally reduced to verb endings.
I realize there is a case in vv. 9-10 where ho kosmos is repeated four times
as a noun, but that is highly unusual.

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