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Date: Thu Sep 21 1995 - 23:38:45 EDT

Hello David,

I got my copy of Sinaiticus from inter-library loan from The University of
the South. It's Kirsopp Lake's Photographic Plates, Black & White, Actual
Folio Size. They were photographed by Lake & Silva New at St. Petersberg,
Russia in (circa) 1909.

Warm regards,

Jim Williams

>As a relatively new comer to the e-discussion phenomena, I have enjoyed
>listening in one some great discussions.
>Does anyone know where I could get hard copies of Sinaiticus or
>Vaticanus? I would like to beef up my reading skills in uncials (as well
>as put more in my library). Thanks in advance for any help.
>I am spending equal time these days in BH and the GNT and I would love to
>hear some discussion on how NT writers may have used Semitic conventions
>in the different genre of the NT or even classical Greek.
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