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From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Fri Sep 22 1995 - 10:47:31 EDT

At 10:38 PM 21/09/95, turquoyz wrote:
>Hello David,
>I got my copy of Sinaiticus from inter-library loan from The University of
>the South. It's Kirsopp Lake's Photographic Plates, Black & White, Actual
>Folio Size. They were photographed by Lake & Silva New at St. Petersberg,
>Russia in (circa) 1909.
>Warm regards,
>Jim Williams

I've always wondered: Is something like this available through the British
Museum (for Sinaiticus)? They would seem an obvious place to look.


(As an aside, one of the treats of my week is the ad that runs in the
NYTimes Book Review for an outfit called Vantage Press. This is clearly a
"vanity" press and obviously part of the deal is an "advertising campaign"
that consists of a listing --in the firm's weekly ad-- of the book's title,
the author's name and a two-dozen-or-so word description of the book: "The
enthralling account of 34 years on the staff of the pathology department of
Albany NY's largest hospital"; "A revolutionary alternative to conventional
music notation..."; "A collection of life-affirming children's verse set in
the Tulsa OK of the 1930s". The enthusiasm here is infectious. Wonderful
stuff, each clearly a labor of the deepest love.

In any case, a year or so back, one of the offering of Vantage Press was a
complete translation into English of NT from Sinaiticus "directly from the
original" with "Greek and English on facing pages". The translator's name
was Ford.

Now, this is surely not a facsimile reproduction. And I'm not quite sure
how much I would trust Vantage Press' proofreaders with the Greek. OTOH it
was only $24.95.

Does anyone happen to know anything more about this?)

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