Re: Logos Tech Support Rates "F"

Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 19:59:06 EDT

As a Greek Professor, I am sorry to clutter up your mailboxes, but I must
clear up a little matter here regarding Logos which I feel offers the best
software out there for Greek and Hebrew and other tools even on CD Rom.

On 10-04-95, L. E. Brown writes:

<Attached is a copy of an e-mail message I sent to Logos Research
<Systems concerning their technical support. I have posted it hear just
<to warn those who are considering this product to think twice. I still
<think it is the finest software out there, but unless you are
<technically inclined, know how computer programmers think and can
<figure things out without tech support, you'd better think twice.

I find your reference to Logos very un-Christlike. Logos is a good company.
 They have the best product out there in my opinion. They got back to me the
next day. But you must have patience. You have been affected by the world
so much that you are reacting like those in the world. You demand what you
want, you think you deserve better, and by golly if you don't get it, you
will do damage!

Remember the blessings God has given you that you can get what you have.
 Don't demand more. 100 years ago you wouldn't even have this convenience.
 Furthermore, you would have to wait a week to get your mail in times before

I am not saying that Logos shouldn't have planned better, but their sales are
phenominal and they can't keep up. Give a little grace, have mercy. God has
had mercy on you.

With the concern of Christ,

Jim McGuire

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