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Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 20:46:00 EDT

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995 19:59:06 -0400, you wrote:

>As a Greek Professor, I am sorry to clutter up your mailboxes, but I must
>clear up a little matter here regarding Logos which I feel offers the best
>software out there for Greek and Hebrew and other tools even on CD Rom.


>I find your reference to Logos very un-Christlike.

I disagree.

Please identify that part of my nessage that was un-Christlike. Did I
slander them? No. Was I unkind to them? No; in fact, I stated in the
message that I still believe that it is the finest piece of research
software out there. Was I honest about their current technical
support? Yes; they currently promise only a seven day turnaround. Did
I tell people to _not_ buy Logos 2.0? No; I warned those who don't
understand how programmers think and need extensive support to get up
and running to think twice before buying. I think that was sound
advice and I stand by it.

I spoke the truth in love and I owed it to those I had advised to
purchase the Logos product to tell the truth about my experience with
technical support.

If I have slandered them, lied about them, discredited them as persons
or said anything knowingly or unknowingly untrue, please point it out
to me. I will then repent in sackcloth and ashes.

In lieu of that, I wonder if you'd like to reconsider your message.

>Logos is a good company.

I agree.

All of my dealings with them have been pleasant. I was a beta tester
and found them to be responsive to suggestions. I have no qualms with
the people in the company, nor with the company's vision. And, they
are clearly doing yeoman service for the kingdom!

> They have the best product out there in my opinion.

I agree.

>They got back to me the
>next day. But you must have patience. You have been affected by the world
>so much that you are reacting like those in the world. You demand what you
>want, you think you deserve better, and by golly if you don't get it, you
>will do damage!

Please have the courtesy to investigate the matter further before you
paint me with the carnal brush on this or any other mailing list. I
admonish you to consider James 1:19. You do not know all of the
details in this situation, nor do you need to.

>Remember the blessings God has given you that you can get what you have.
> Don't demand more. 100 years ago you wouldn't even have this convenience.
> Furthermore, you would have to wait a week to get your mail in times before

Please remember that when Logos enters into a commercial contract
there is an explicit warrant of technical support. By any imaginable
standard in this industry, a seven day turnaround on tech support
calls is unacceptable.

>I am not saying that Logos shouldn't have planned better, but their sales are
>phenominal and they can't keep up. Give a little grace, have mercy. God has
>had mercy on you.
>With the concern of Christ,
>Jim McGuire

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