Logos' Follow-up Reply

From: L. E. Brown (budman@sedona.net)
Date: Fri Oct 06 1995 - 01:24:06 EDT

In all fairness to the folks at Logos (for whom, despite Bro.
McGuire's misreading of my missive, I have warmest regards) I need to
post their follow-up reply.

Dr. Brown,

I would like to apologize that you did not receive immediate technical

support when you called in today. Unfortunately, tech support has
been caught in the confluence of several circumstances, and we are a
bit behind.

We do anticipate that our backlog will be eliminated within the next
week or so. In the meantime, we do appreciate the patience of our
users who are awaiting callbacks.

One major source of calls on Logos 2.0 has been a manufacturing defect
which has resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of CD's that are at
least partially unreadable. This has resulted in many reports of
installation problems and even more reports of random errors the
cannot be duplicated.

Our team is working on getting a new CD ready for duplication, and it
will contain both some needed textual corrections and will hopefully
be flawless in the manufacturing process. At the same time, the
development team has continued to tune the code for the executable,
and we have repaired the majority of the reported bugs. Thus, the new
executable and the new CD will be ready at about the same time. God
willing, we will be shipping these replacements later this month.

One area of the program which has been completely reworked is the note
facility. I have been testing it in several ways, and it appears to
be working properly. One thing that seemed to cause serious problems
previously was a note that had no text attached to it. Such notes did
not save properly, and if a note were saved with the workspace, it
often resulted in Logos producing a GPF on startup.

Another area of pretty general concern has been the User's Guide. In
the new CD the User's Guide should appear on the Library Browser as a
searchable (and printable) text. That will supplement the help files
.. which are also being beefed up, I am told.

Please let me know if you have additional questions about Logos 2.0
.. I do try to get through my e-Mail and fax messages daily.

In His service,
Steve Phillips
Dr. L. E. Brown, Jr. West Sedona Baptist Church
                                      Sedona, Az.
"Fresh Sermon Illustrations:"

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