From Logos Technical Support...

Date: Fri Oct 06 1995 - 05:27:51 EDT

To all who have been receiving the series of messages about our tech.
support department and Logos 2.0:

Thank you so much for your passion for Logos and concern for our
technical services. The major reasons we have received so many calls
are: 1) The massive shipments of the new version with only 3 people
(initially) to handle the incoming calls; 2) The CD we shipped has been
plagued with problems that we have narrowed down to a bad "pressing" -
some of the CD's were bad from the duplicator; and 3) A few minor
problems with the program, the majority of which are installation
problems, and a few others - the note file problem being one of them.

To combat this situation we have hired more Support Engineers, and have
nearly eliminated the "call back list" - our standard is still same-day
or 24 hour service. Also, we are pressing new CDs, and every registered
user will receive a new CD free of charge. (We appreciate everyone's
patience in this matter - hang in there.) Lastly, we are continuing to
improve and update the program. Since we have decided not charge
anything for the program all our users will be able to get updates and
new versions free of charge from our BBS, WWW site, and Compuserve.

If anyone has further questions or comments feel free to send them to me
at the following address:

Mike Hatch
Logos Research Systems, Inc.
Technical Support Supervisor

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