Q. on Metzger and Wikgren

From: Akulas@aol.com
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 17:33:52 EDT

I have a request:

Some time back someone (I forget who) referred to a disagreement between
Metzger and Wikgren in the matter of textual criticism. I wonder if someone
might enlighten me on the nature of that disagreement.

I'm not looking for gossip. I'm doing some writing on the history of engish
versions, and I'm simply wanting information about the contemporary state of
text criticism, especially among translators.

I had the (naive?) idea that there was a basic agreement on that committee as
to the basic approach to textual variants--that is, that an eclectic approach
should be used, following certain agreed upon rules to determine which
variants are more likely to be secondary. Was I wrong?

Thanks in advance for responding.

Tim Mize
6802 Willoughby Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46214

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