Re: Q. on Metzger and Wikgren

Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 10:58:16 EDT

Mr. Hobbs,

Thank you for the information. I make regular trips to the CTS library as it
is. I'll pick up that volume the next time I'm there.

My friends who push the "majority text" (whio are non-specialists like
myself) sometimes argue as if it's either that or Westcott-Hort; and so to
push their view they do a lot of WH bashing (which they inherited from
Burgon, I think). I've been in the habit of explaining that it is not
"majority text" vs "WH text", but "majority text" vs "eclectic text"--that
is, the exaltation one text type vs. the exaltation (in theory) of no text
What do you that too simplistic?

Tim Mize

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