Re: Q. on Metzger and Wikgren

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Sun Oct 15 1995 - 07:56:43 EDT


    I can't help you with your question, but I would point out that there
are differing definitions of "eclectic". In thoery, eclectic should
mean picking the best reading in any given case. In reality, there is
generally a basic set of texts or a single text chosen to serve a a basis
and then other redings are evaluated to determine if that basis needs
changing. Epp has argued I believe for a pure eclectic text, but I'm not
aware of a text from him that does not also begin with some basic text
or edition assuymed. A true eclectic text, which I don't thjink exists
anywhere, would not assume ahead of time any textual family or any
MS as the proper basis, but would truly evaluate every reading. I think
this was attempted in the last century somewhat, but now there is too big
a mass of material for it to be a practical alternative. Thus every
critical edition, is only kinda sorta eclectic.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA

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